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The Digital Health Guide has been created as a tool to make digital health safer and more accessible for healthcare providers, patients and carers. The following principles shape the way in which we will continue to develop the Digital Health Guide:

  • Helping to bridge the digital divide – We're trying to increase the trust of healthcare providers in good digital health solutions by weeding out the bad ones. In doing so we aim to help bridge the growing digital divide between engaged patients and healthcare providers.
  • The good and the bad – We don’t only want to review good digital health solutions, but the bad ones too. Only by educating people on what should be avoided can we hope to drive use of effective and proven solutions.
  • You choose – We never seek to influence what people are doing. We provide quality data. You choose what to use, based on what matters to you.
  • Crowdsourced content – The next set of digital health solutions included will always come from a crowdsourced view of what is missing, and what people are actually using.
  • Regular new content – The digital health solutions market is changing at a rapid pace. We will continue to add and update information on digital health solutions each week.
  • Moderated reviews – All reviews are moderated to ensure that they are fair, non-emotive
    and appropriate.

Digital Health Guide Outcomes

The Digital Health Guide is designed to deliver the following outcomes:

  • Developing trust in worthwhile digital health solutions – Helping patients, carers and healthcare providers to reduce confusion and build appropriate levels of trust in high-quality digital health solutions.
  • Helping engaged patients and activated carers to engage with the right tools – Harnessing the motivation of engaged patients and activated carers to target their enthusiasm in the right direction, using digital health tools that will deliver improved health outcomes.
  • Creating a framework to better understand quality in digital health solutions – Enabling a much-needed conversation about the dimensions of quality in digital health solutions, and gathering evidence to support discussion about the need for appropriate regulation in this emerging space.