About Us

The Digital Health Guide is a joint venture beween HealthCare Software and Semantic Consulting

Healthcare Software (HCS) is an Australian e-health company that creates innovative clinical software solutions that meet the future needs of clinicians today.

Along with the Digital Health Guide, HCS provides:

  • Electronic medical records, for whole-of-hospital, community and personal health records.
  • Clinical knowledge software, combining national, regulatory and your local information in one place, to guide the use of medicines, of devices or other clinical concepts.
  • Controlled drug software, as an enterprise-wide system for complete supply chain and clinician management of drug use, including incident reporting and fraud detection.

We provide solutions to over 300 hospitals and 300 other health facilities across most states in Australia. For more information on HCS go to our website.

Semantic Consulting is a leading digital health consulting organisation with clients in Australia, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. We work with healthcare organisations to help them create digital health strategies and new digitally-enabled models of care that factor in complex elements such as clinical culture, funding models and the changing role of the engaged patient.

At Semantic Consulting we are passionate about transforming the health system to become more focused on engaging patients, the most under-used resources in healthcare.

Semantic Consulting has a small core team of globally-recognised thought leaders in healthcare, and we draw on additional expert resources as required.