There is a growing need for health providers to guide patients in the safe and appropriate use of mobile health apps
The Digital Health Guide provides high quality information about mobile health apps, including what capabilities they have, what conditions they are for, what evidence exists to support their claims, and reviews and ratings from health providers, patients and more.
The Digital Health Guide is currently a subscription-only resource for health providers. Please contact us for pricing.

There are currently over 300,000 mobile health apps available, many of which lack evidence for their claims or can even (in a few cases) be dangerous. The Digital Health Guide allows health providers to quickly determine good from bad, and which apps are likely to be best for their patients.
The Digital Health Guide supports engaged conversations between health providers and patients. With many health consumers using mobile health apps, the Digital Health Guide empowers health providers with high quality information to drive conversations with patients around the need for evidence, efficacy and value for money.
The Digital Health Guide acts as a quality and safety framework for the prescribing of mobile health apps and other digital health resources. It allows health providers to prescribe based on evidence and keep an audit trail of digital prescriptions. It allows health organisations to optionally restrict digital prescriptions to include only endorsed solutions.

The Digital Health Guide has been designed with an initial focus on content for use in Australia. Although many of the mobile health apps and digital health solutions are developed in, or applicable across other countries (notably the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom), potential users should note that Australia remains the current focus.

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